Tosca, a global leader in reusable container solutions for the food industry, is using an innovative traceability solution that gives full visibility of its global pool of reusable pallets and containers. The firm has always been at the forefront of the reusable revolution and as one of the world leaders in RPC (Reusable Plastic Containers) and plastic pallets, their goal was to achieve full supply chain visibility. Learn how Tosca is using the technology to reduce the waste caused by asset loss, theft, and damage, as well as repairing damaged assets and returning them to the pool more quickly. Gain an understanding of how its driving asset management optimization resulting in increased rotations and avoiding shortages or overstocks in critical locations.

SPEAKERS: Kevin Boone, Project Manager, Traceability, Tosca  |  Raf Fonteyn, Technology Director, Europe, Tosca