Why Attend

Learn How RFID Tracking Can Benefit Your Company

RFID Journal LIVE! helps business use RFID technologies to improve the way they do business, and every aspect of the event has been designed by our editors to serve your needs. In the short video below, RFID Journal founder and editor Mark Roberti explains why business executives and technology teams should attend RFID Journal LIVE!

  1. Become RFID certified. RFID Journal LIVE! features Fast-Track RFID Certification Training. The training features the latest equipment and relevant RFID deployment scenarios. It provides a solid foundation to design, install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot an RFID deployment as preparation for the RFID Certification Exam that is administered on-site at the LIVE! event.
  2. You can get advice from our editors before arriving. Maximize the use of your time at the event with our Concierge Service. Conference attendees can speak to an editor by phone to gain insights into which sessions to attend and which RFID vendors to visit, at no extra charge.
  3. Get answers to your RFID questions. We survey our audience to ensure we stay up to date on the hot topics in RFID. Then, we recruit qualified speakers with real-world experience implementing RFID tracking systems that can address those specific topics.
  4. Tailor your conference experience to your industry needs. LIVE! has industry specific conference sessions and workshops that give a more in-depth look into how RFID tracking is being deployed in key industries, including: retail and apparel, aerospace and defense, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and supply chain and logistics and more.
  5. Learn best practices and avoid costly mistakes. Determining the best RFID solution to use and the right vendors to partner with can be a challenge. Only RFID Journal is able to attract top-name companies willing to share their best practices about RFID. That means you can avoid wasting time and money on a trial-and-error approach, and begin with a deployment strategy that will work.
  6. Gain insights that will help you invest wisely. There are plenty of RFID tags, readers and other solutions that appear impressive but ultimately may not be the solution best fitted for your business. Learn which technologies represent the wisest investments over the long term.
  7. You will achieve hard-dollar savings. All attendees, regardless of their industry, will leave the event with insights about how RFID tracking can be used to cut costs and/or increase sales by tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars each year.
  8. Get the strategic insights needed for a long-term approach to RFID. The key to a successful RFID strategy is to align your use of the technology with your company’s long-term goals. Whether your goal is cutting costs, fostering customer relationships or improving service by attending our sessions and workshops you’ll learn how RFID tracking technology can help you reach your goal.
  9. You’ll get to meet with all the major technology providers in one place. There are many different types of RFID and many different form factors for tags and readers. There are more than 200 exhibitors at LIVE! so you will be able to evaluate all the major players, see a wide variety of solutions and compare prices during the three-day event.
  10. Be recognized as an industry leader. RFID is going to be a critical technology for many industries in the near future. Understanding adoption trends in your industry, and how RFID can bring both incremental and transformational changes to your business, will make you a key contributor, as well as enhance your value to your organization and position your company as a leader in the eyes of the investment community. Educate your entire cross-functional team. Our group discount makes it affordable!

Network Face-to-Face With RFID Industry Leaders

In business, online events have not replaced the benefits of the face-time you can get at trade shows, seminars and conferences. In-person events require a bit more time, effort and cost than joining a free, brief, online webcast, but face-to-face meetings and networking that you get at trade shows, seminars and conferences provide the greatest impact for building and fostering high-quality and loyal contacts, customers and partnerships. Nowhere else can you effectively explain your business and products to people truly engaged, and get your questions answered by RFID experts in a meaningful way. When you attend the LIVE! event, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand the latest technologies, and to learn from industry leaders about the latest applications in your field.

Not Sure If RFID Tracking Technology Is What You Need?

If you are not sure whether RFID is the right technology to solve your business issue or meet your application needs, request a free phone consultation with one of our editors, by sending email to editor@rfidjournal.com.