BAE Systems, an international defense, aerospace and security company, is in the process of deploying an RFID asset-tracking system at 20 manufacturing buildings located across three different sites in the United Kingdom. The project was implemented to improve asset location accuracy and stock-checking, and to reduce the impacts upon production for missing or lost tools. The firm used two pilot projects to gauge the success of the system and hardware design. During the pilots, detection issues were investigated, and improved methods of tagging were developed, depending upon asset material type. Learn how the firm worked with its key supplier to improve detection ranges through innovation and improved hardware, increasing its location accuracy and stock-checking, while reducing the risks of missing or lost tools on the production line. In addition, hear how the use of RFID technology may be further improved in the future.

SPEAKERS:Thomas Copeland, Data Analyst & System Administrator, BAE Systems |  Tony Wilson, Head of Asset Management, BAE Systems