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Museums, fertilizer companies, factories and other end users are taking advantage of the benefits offered by RFID and the IoT. Here are RFID Journal’s story highlights from the past week.

1. Museum Sends Moving Image Stories Home with NFC

The ACMI, Australia’s national museum of screen culture, has designed and deployed a Near Field Communication system enabling visitors to access content about exhibits of interest from home, without requiring the use of smartphones.

2. Fertilizer Company Tracks Worker Safety During Manned Maintenance

Nutrien’s turnarounds at nitrogen and potash sites are now managed via an active RF solution from Triax that monitors social distancing and provides contact tracing for 1,500 or more contract workers temporarily on site.

3. New Platform Centralizes Product Data from Factory to Disposal

Avery Dennison’s atma.io platform captures and manages data from QR codes, as well as NFC and RFID tags, and monitors around 10 billion items from the point of manufacture through the supply chain to stores and consumers.

4. HID Global Acquires Invengo’s Textile Services Division

The acquisition brings Invengo’s tags, readers and software to HID’s expanding RFID portfolio, enabling healthcare and hospitality companies to better manage the flow of linens and uniforms as they are used, cleaned and repaired.

5. RFID Offers Value and Low Price with Chinese Brands

With printers and readers tested and approved by strategic suppliers in Brazil, Chainway and Postek are enabling RFID applications for several companies, fostered by a partnership between Prime Interway and iTAG.

6. Forbes Gets RFID

An article published last week by the American business magazine, encouraging the adoption of radio frequency identification, may signify a shift in how the media views the technology’s value.


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