As more retailers have proven that Item-Level RFID technology brings a significant improvement on their return on investment across the business, daily operations and enhanced customer experience, our panel will share how these results can be achieved with a simple innovative approach. In this session Johan Stenstrom, Supply Chain Developer for Stadium, Scandinavia’s leading sports retailer and Juan José Simán, Project Engineer for Simán, 2023 RFID Journal Award finalist in the category of Best RFID/IoT Retail Implementation, will address how they are using RFID to evolve and revolutionize their daily operations with the best ROI result.

SPEAKERS: Dean Frew, Group CTO/ SVP & Division President, SML Group  |  Johan Stenstrom, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium  |  Debbie Hughes, Senior Editorial Director, Events, RFID Journal  |  Juan José Simán, Project Engineer, Siman Group