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RFID Journal LIVE! offers a variety of ways to stand out from the competition and drive business to your company. With a mix of affordable and effective advertising and promotional opportunities, you are guaranteed exposure and attention unrivaled to what any other trade show can offer. If you are learning about ways you can stand out at LIVE! and build name recognition with attendees, please send an email to or contact your sales representative listed below.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

RFID Journal LIVE! offers several sponsorship levels that will enable you to increase your profile and mindshare. For more opportunites contact your sales representative or view the sponsorships menu.

Cornerstone Sponsorship (Exclusive)

The Cornerstone Sponsor is the lead sponsor with the greatest visibility at RFID Journal LIVE! 2020. This is a unique opportunity to position your company as a thought leader and prime mover in the RFID industry. The Cornerstone Sponsor addresses the entire audience in a Day 1 general session presentation that highlights the company’s leadership position in the industry (topic and speaker to be approved by RFID Journal).

Signature Sponsorship (Exclusive)

The Signature Sponsor has an exclusive opportunity to reach the entire audience at RFID Journal LIVE! through a 30-minute general session presentation (topic and speaker to be approved by RFID Journal). The signature sponsorship was designed for an RFID hardware, software or service provider that wants to demonstrate—live, onstage—industry-leading technology, service capabilities or both. The special marketing benefits associated with the Signature Sponsorship ensure high visibility and mind share.

Opening Reception Sponsorship (Exclusive)

With this exclusive sponsorship, your company is the host of the networking reception immediately following the opening keynote addresses. Benefits include prominent signage with logo exposure during the reception; acknowledgement of sponsorship with company logo in attendee marketing brochures, program guide and onsite signage; and napkins provided with company logo and message.

Registration Sponsor

Every attendee must pick up their badge, making this an ideal sponsorship for gaining exposure to every attendee at RFID Journal LIVE!. It’s the perfect place to catch the attention of attendees, just as they are feeling the excitement of a new event.

Platinum Sponsor

A Platinum Sponsorship provides an extremely effective way to be seen as a thought leader in the RFID community. Whether you use the 40-minute breakout session to highlight a customer success story or to introduce a new product, you’ll be able to achieve valuable visibility with the high-level end-user audience that only RFID Journal LIVE! 2020 attracts. And the marketing benefits wrapped around this speaking opportunity ensure that your company will have high visibility before, during and after the conference and exhibition.

Preconference Seminar Sponsorship (4 Opportunities)

RFID Journal LIVE! 2020 will include special preconference seminars targeted at specific audiences, including channel partners. Preconference seminars can be designed for a specific audience that you would like to reach, such as label converters or packaging manufacturers. We will invite readers in our database that you want to reach, to attend for free. The Preconference Sponsor will also have the opportunity to speak for 40 minutes to between 40 and 50 attendees. Your company will receive special branding in all promotions of the preconference seminar and onsite.

Silver Sponsor

With a Silver Sponsorship, a representative of your company can speak for 15 minutes on a topic of interest to your potential customers, providing a cost-effective way to be seen as a leader in the RFID community.

Private Invitation VIP Lunch Sponsor (4 Opportunities)

As the host of a sit-down lunch on either day of the main conference, you will have the opportunity to hand-select 10 non-conference attendees (providing them with free conference passes) and 10 conference attendees, for a total of 20 guests. Set up as a roundtable discussion, your lunch will be moderated by someone from your team.

Premium Sponsor

Premium sponsorships are customized programs designed to help you achieve your specific goals. Elements can include technology demonstrations on the exhibit floor, VIP meal functions, unique high-exposure branding opportunities and more. If you’d like us to customize a program for you, contact your sales representative listed below.

Pre-Show and Online

Here are some promotional opportunities that enable you to raise awareness of your company and products prior to the event.

Exhibitor Profile and Product Categories

Update your company profile in the Exhibitor Portal, and select the products and services your company offers. These will be displayed when an attendee clicks on your booth online or searches for products in the online Product Showcase. This a a great way to ensure that attendees find you at the event.

Customer Banners and Emails

RFID Journal offers a variety of banners that you can place on your site to promote your participation in the event. We also can provide free, customized email templates with your logo. You can send these to your list and encourage prospective customers to meet with you at the event. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Online Advertising

RFID Journal offers advertising on the LIVE! site, so you can raise awareness of your company and promote specific products to attendees. For more information, please contact your sales representative.

On-Site and Post-Show

RFID Journal LIVE! offers a variety of ways to promote your company and products on-site. Check out a few of the options below and contact your sales representative for details and pricing.

Product Showcase Panel

This is a great way to highlight a new or core product. Exhibitors who resigned at LIVE 2017 for LIVE! 2018 are entitled to a free product showcase. New exhibitors may purchase a showcase for $150 through your exhibitor portal.

Hanging Banners

If you really want to draw attention to your company, opt for a hanging banner. There are a number of high-visibility locations available.

One-Meter Boards

Standing one-meter boards can be placed in high-traffic location, with messaging that drives more attendees to your booth.

Floor Decals

Call attention to your booth by placing floor decals in strategic locations around the hall.

Program Guide Ad

Virtually all attendees use the printed program guide to find the sessions they want to attend. A full-page or half-page ad is a great way to raise awareness of your products and drive people to your booth. Ask your sales representative for details and pricing.

Post-Event Email

Send an email after the event to specific set of attendees, some of whom might not have made it to your booth during the event. For more information, contact your sales representative.