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RFID and IoT technologies have proven beneficial for plastics companies, railroads, utilities and more. Here are RFID Journal’s story highlights from the past week.

1.Plastics Manufacturer Reconfigures Safe Workplace with BLE

ILR Industries is using an RTLS solution from i-Virtualize to improve its workspace layout and enable social distancing, and it plans to track productivity based on employee and equipment movements and sensor data.

2. French Railroad Pilot Employs LoRaWAN Technology with GS1 Standards

GS1 in Europe and the LoRa Alliance have announced a liaison to standardize the semantics of tag or sensor identification, making IoT deployments simpler whether involving LoRa only or a hybrid approach with RFID or another technology.

3. Natural Gas Company Leverages UWB to Ensure Mustering Safety

Canadian Natural Resources is using an automated system to track the locations of workers during turnaround processes, after the technology from Connectus and Sewio was previously found to reduce mustering times tenfold.

4. RAIN Alliance Research Finds RFID Growth Despite Pandemic

According to a report from the Alliance and VDC Research, integrated circuit sales reached 21 billion last year, while overall UHF RFID products are forecast to reach more than twice the volume of sales from 2019 to 2024.

5. AR Glasses Leverage Li-Fi Connectivity for Secure Internet Connections

Vuzix is offering wireless connectivity with Signify’s Trulifi solution, consisting of a Li-Fi dongle that attaches to smart glasses and ceiling-mounted transceivers, so data can be transmitted securely at military, government and healthcare facilities

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