The adoption of RFID, BLE, NFC and other IoT technologies has been on the rise as businesses have learned how to survive and thrive during the pandemic. Such solutions are helping companies manage banana farms and boost retail inventory accuracy, as well as celebrate the 50th UAE Nation Day.


BLE Companies See Promising Trends for Technology in 2022

Two factors may be driving growth: decreasing tag costs—as low as 10 cents apiece for Wiliot’s battery-harvesting tags—and software with artificial intelligence and machine learning so users can do more with the data they collect.


IoT and RFID Manage Banana Farm, Supply Chain

Australia’s Bartle Frere Bananas is piloting RFID technology to track batches of the fruit as they are harvested and shipped to customers, while Internet of Things sensors track moisture and nitrates to protect the Great Barrier Reef.


Grupo Cristina Eliminates Operational Errors, Inventory Expenses

With a solution from Haco RFID, the company has reduced the cost of inventory counts, while improving its business processes using GS1 standards.


Emirates Post Group Commemorates Nation’s Jubilee With NFC-enabled Stamps

Those who buy 50th UAE Nation Day commemorative crypto-stamps can access a digital-twin version with the tap of an NFC chip, using the blockchain to buy, trade, sell or authenticate the product digitally.


On-Metal Tag Provides UHF, NFC on a Single Chip

Avery Dennison’s new tag was designed to be applied to metallic goods, like healthcare supplies or appliances, to be read via a UHF reader in the supply chain or at a store, and as NFC with a smartphone.


HID Expands Textile Solutions Offering with InvoTech Acquisition

By acquiring its fellow technology company, HID anticipates growth into hospitality-related textile-management solutions globally, providing systems for uniforms and linen management, as well as laundry services.


NXP Unveils Secure Tri-Radio Device with IoT Connectivity

The IW612 supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and 802.15.4, enabling simultaneous transmitting and receiving for smart-home, automotive and industrial applications, and connecting smart devices across various protocols and ecosystems.


Overhead RFID Retail Solution Provides Shrink Reduction, Analytics

Stores are deploying technology from Sensormatic Solutions and Impinj to identify any products being removed, with alerting and analytics to prevent theft in real time or through merchandising strategies.


IoT Solution Uses BLE, LTE-M Cellular Connectivity to Track Low-Cost Goods

For approximately $10 a month, companies can employ Link Labs’ SuperTag Hub to track the conditions and locations of goods moving through and between facilities, or to and from worksites.