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RFID and IoT technologies have applications in retail, supply chain, entertainment, smart cities and other areas. Here are RFID Journal’s story highlights from the past week.

1. RFID ‘Boops’ Lead Visitors Through Surreal Arts and Entertainment Exhibit – 

Meow Woolf’s Omega Mart is an immersive Las Vegas exhibit that delivers a maximalist, overwhelming sensory experience and a complex interactive story that visitors create themselves via RFID tags and readers.

2. Furniture Store Gains Showroom Visibility with RFID

City Furniture took advantage of last year’s pandemic shutdown to rework an RFID system that didn’t meet its needs, with a new solution from RFID4U that cuts inventory counts from several weeks to two hours, while ensuring inventory visibility to satisfy BOPIS customers and prevent errors.

3. SML Releases Products for High Performance in Supply Chain Tracking

The company’s GB3U9 UHF RFID inlay is designed with NXP’s UCODE 9 chip for greater sensitivity so tagged apparel and footwear can be read with greater consistency at distribution centers, while its M700 Series leverages Impinj chips for smaller sizes.

4. Global Study Shows IoT Growth in Cities Accelerated by COVID-19

An ESI ThoughtLab report on sustainable development goals in 167 cities, representing nearly 7 percent of the world’s population, found that the coronavirus has accelerated technology growth worldwide as planners, administrators and businesses consider the post-pandemic realities of urban centers.

5. Location-as-a-Service Solution to Bring Global Supply Chains into View

Qualcomm has teamed with Cloudleaf to provide an Internet of Things-based solution that tracks assets and goods to help multiple stakeholders understand an item’s location, condition and status as it moves through complex environments.



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