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Retailers, transit agencies, aerospace companies, healthcare organizations and others are utilizing RFID and the Internet of Things. Here are RFID Journal’s story highlights from the past week.

1. Sporting Goods Retailer Deploys RFID Across Hundreds of Stores

In a single year, Brazil’s Centauro increased inventory accuracy, reduced stock levels and better served its omnichannel customers by launching a UHF RFID system that ensures shoppers are served online even during pandemic closures.

2. Swedish Transit Agency Offers NFC for Mobile Access

Passengers on trains and buses can tap to pay for rides with their smartphone or a purchased card as part of Storstockholms Lokaltrafik’s payment system, using an HID Access-IS reader system.

3. RFID Turns the Page for Immersive Bookstore Experience

Ona Llibres’ new store leverages UHF RFID technology to track each item for inventory management, while enabling customers to look up information about books, view recommendations and make purchases using kiosks with built-in RFID readers.

4. Aircraft Company Provides Phone-based Office Access via BLE

Since deploying an access-control system from HID Global at its Dublin headquarters, Avolon has rolled the system out to its other sites, providing touchless access to workers who twist their smartphone at a secured location to gain entrance.

5. IoT Brews Data for Coffee Company’s Digital Twin-Based Development

Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee grinders and machines provide data aimed at benefitting users, and it can leverage that information for product development with its adoption of technology from Altair.

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