Demo Zone At RFID Journal LIVE!

Be on the lookout for the demo zone coming in 2021. It will be located on the expo hall show floor and is a spot that you don’t want to miss out on attending to see RFID and other related technologies live in action!

Examples of demos:

Linking RFID to PLCs to Automate Manufacturing

RFID technology is not only about identifying and tracking items, but also automating processes and enabling machine-to-machine communication. The University of Memphis’s Auto-ID Lab will demonstrate, in the exhibit hall, how RFID systems can be used to identify objects and automate tasks in manufacturing. The lab’s director will show the increasing ease with which manufacturers can use RFID tag reads to trigger programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and he’ll also discuss the potential benefits and applications of linked RFID and PLCs. So come and touch, see and play with some of the various options currently available for meshing PLCs with RFID readers.Linking RFID to PLCs to Automate Manufacturing

Automated Inventory Tracking With Drones

Most companies struggle to collect accurate inventory data. Counting assets or finished goods in inventory often takes many man-hours and is prone to error. When items are spread throughout large warehouse or animals roam across large fields, the challenges become even greater. In this demonstration, provided by researchers at the Global Automatic Identification Technologies Center at the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, you will see how inventory taking can be automated using drones. A drone outfitted with an RFID reader will count inventory on the show floor in a simulated warehouse and on a simulated farm. You will also get to sit in a session and hear how RFID was integrated with the drone and a back-end inventory system.